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Warm Season Grasses (Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, St. Augustine)

Bermuda, centipede, zoysia, and St. Augustine are versatile warm season grasses that tend to grow best in the coastal regions of North Carolina. Lawn care in the coastal regions can be particularly difficult because of the sandy soil, common dry spells, and high level of salt in the soil. Grow happens best in the summer months. When the weather gets colder, these grasses turn brown and stay dormant until the climate warms up. In the spring, these grasses begin to regain their green color. They are also normally planted as a single variety, not as a mixture, which is more common in cool season grasses.


Bermuda is an incredibly versatile grass that is grown predominantly in warmer areas. This grass is very tolerant to drought and lack of water, and thrives in a drier, sandier soil, with full sunlight. Bermuda grass also withstands wear and traffic, and can grow back quickly, making it great for populated areas or lawns with dogs and children. Bermuda can be easily seeded and should be maintained regularly in the summer, which is peak season. It’s ideal for coastal areas and lawns near the beach.

Bermudagrass is a medium- to fine-textured warm-season turfgrass that spreads by rhizomes and stolons. It has excellent heat, drought, and salt tolerance but does not do well in shade. Bermudagrass is the most widely used species on athletic fields and golf course fairways/tee boxes due to its high wear tolerance and rapid recovery. It can also be a very invasive and hard to control weed in some turf settings. There are many different hybrids of Bermudagrass that range from fine to coarse in leaf texture.

Centipede Grass

Centipede grass is also a great option for the coast because it adapts well to salt and sand better than other grasses, grows well in full sun, and also requires very little upkeep which is preferred by many home and business owners. While this grass takes longer to grow than others, it’s worth it because of the limited upkeep and its apple-green color.

Centipede grass is a slow-growing, coarse-textured, warm-season turf that is adapted for use in low maintenance situations. It is often referred to as "lazy man's grass" due to its infrequent mowing and fertilization requirements. It also has a light-green color and spreads by stolons. It does not tolerate traffic, compaction, high pH, excessive thatch, drought, or heavy shade.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is a warm-season grass that spreads by rhizomes and stolons to produce a very dense, wear-resistant turf. It is best adapted to the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions of North Carolina, but some of the colder tolerant cultivars can be grown in the western part of the state as well. There are three major species of zoysia grass suitable for turf: Japanese lawngrass (Z. japonica), Mascarene grass (Z. tenuifolia), and manila grass (Z. matrella). Zoysiagrass can often be confused with bermudagrass. However, zoysia grass has hairs standing upright on the leaf blade whereas bermudagrass does not. Zoysia grass is also stiff to the touch and offers more resistance than bermuda grass.

St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season grass with medium density and medium to dark green color. Of all the warm season grasses, it is the least cold tolerant and has the coarsest leaf texture. St. Augustine grass grows best in warm, humid areas that are not exposed to long periods of cold weather. In fact, its lack of cold tolerance is the major limiting factor in determining its use in North Carolina.


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