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10 Ideas for Landscaping Property Lines

North Carolina is a quickly growing state. You likely have many new neighbors moving in, and, as the saying goes, “Good fences make good neighbors.” With that in mind, we will discuss 10 great ideas for how you can landscape your property lines. For many of these ideas, you should make sure to discuss them with your neighbors so the border between your properties is satisfactory to both of you. Boundary disputes with neighbors are always best to avoid.

  1. Wooden fencing – The white picket fence is a classic look, but there are many other wooden fencing options, as well.
  2. Chain-link fencing – This is not as aesthetically pleasing, but it is still a very popular option due to its price and strength.
  3. Stone wall – Stone is perhaps the oldest building material. It has a timeless quality of style and permanence. Stone walls can be a bit pricy, but they’re well worth it.
  4. Vegetable garden – Many people are getting back into vegetable gardening. It’s a fun hobby, and raised beds are a great way to line your property line.
  5. Flower garden – Having a well-maintained flower garden along your property boundary is not something your neighbor is likely to complain about. They are beautiful, classy, colorful, and fun to care for.
  6. A path or driveway – Long driveways make good property markers, especially out in the country. A stone or brick path can also run the length of a property line.
  7. Structures – A shed can be a good marker of the precise corner of a property. It will create a line of sight in both directions where the edge can be easily seen. Gazebos and pergolas are other structures that may work, depending on the context.
  8. Hedges – A tall hedge is an excellent way to create a natural barrier between properties. They take some upkeep and trimming, but are sturdy and there are many varieties of shrub or bush that can be used.
  9. Ornamental grasses – Similarly, certain tall grasses create a natural look. These are not as sturdy as a hedge, but they provide a unique and elegant look.
  10. Tree line – Trees are not usually as efficient in forming a wall, like a hedge might be, but they are often used to show the property boundary. Having a line of identical trees evenly spaced is an impressive statement. 

If you’d like to give your property lines a new look, contact us today and we can find the right option for you!

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