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Flea & Tick Control

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Flea & Tick Control

Flea and Tick Service accreditation

Although fleas and ticks pose a threat to pets year-round, they become most active during the warmer months, starting as early as March in some areas of the United States..
As a responsible pet owner, it’s necessary to prevent your pets from being affected by these parasites. Ticks transmit not only Lyme disease, but also other illnesses like babesiosis (a malaria-like disease), ehrlichiosis (a bacterial infection), and even tick paralysis. There are more than 200 species of fleas affecting dogs, and these can also transmit disease, not to mention lead to a costly and time-consuming extermination process if your home becomes infested.


In our part of North Carolina, flea and tick season generally runs from April through September. Our program consists of 6 outdoor treatments every 21-30 days during the active warm weather season. Treatments can be applied at any time of the year, but this 6-step process from April through September will offer great control. We will treat the following areas of your property:

CLICK HERE for ways to Create a Tick-Safe Zone.

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