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TifTuf Bermuda

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What is TifTuf Bermuda?

TifTuf Bermuda Grass

TifTuf Bermuda grass is an extremely drought tolerant grass that maintains its brilliant green color year-round. While traditional Bermuda grasses go dormant during drought periods, TifTuf is less susceptible to drought stress. Because of its versatile nature, TifTuf Bermuda can be used in both residential and commercial applications, as well as athletic fields and other recreational facilities.

Custom TifTuf Bermuda Lawn Maintenance Program


Round 1 – Bermuda Spring Weed Control (Late Winter)


Round 2 – Bermuda Fertilizer/Weed App 1


Round 3 – Bermuda Fertilizer/Weed App 2 (Early Summer)

Round 4 –
Bermuda Fertilizer/Weed App 3 (Late Summer)


Round 5 – Bermuda Fertilizer/Weed App 4 (Early Fall)

Round 6 – Bermuda Winter Weed Control (Late Fall/Winter)

TifTuf Bermuda Grass Lawn Maintenance Calendar

NOTE: Don’t be fooled by competitors offering 8-10 round applications. If you use quality products, you do not need as many applications. This is our basic service program. There are other beneficial services, such as core aeration, lime, grub control, soil testing, etc.

TifTuf Bermuda Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of your TifTuf Bermuda lawn will keep it looking lavish year-round. We’ve made a few recommendations below to make it easy for you.

Mowing TifTuf Bermuda

Your TifTuf lawn can be mowed using a rotary lawn mower down to 0.5–2 inches. By mowing on a 4-to-7-day interval, you won’t need to bag all your clippings–mulching them returns beneficial nutrients and water to the soil, keeping your lawn nice and healthy.

Watering TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf has been found to need less water than other Bermuda grass, all while maintaining a superior turf quality. While multiple factors play into your water management program, TifTuf does not need to be continuously irrigated once a root system has been established in good soil conditions.

Fertilizing TifTuf Bermuda

Select a fertilizer that is labeled specifically for use on Bermuda grass lawns. Apply between 2 to 4 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet annually during the growing season.

Weed Control for TifTuf Bermuda

Preventative measures are the best way to control weed growth. Mowing regularly, as well as adding pre-emergent herbicide will keep weeds at bay. As a reminder, you should only apply weed control products that are specified for use on Bermuda grass lawns.

TifTuf Bermuda FAQs

Is TifTuf better than regular Bermuda?

TifTuf Bermuda withstands heavy foot traffic and recovers quickly from wear & tear or injury—all while maintaining its brilliant green color. From sports and recreational fields to residential or commercial lawns, TifTuf Bermuda is the preferred turfgrass choice.

Does TifTuf Bermuda stay green all year?

TifTuf Bermuda is known for its fine-textured, rich green blades. You’ll likely notice a quicker spring green-up, with its color sticking around throughout early fall. Like other warm-season grasses, TifTuf Bermuda will enter a period of dormancy during the winter.

How many hours of sunlight does TifTuf Bermuda need?

Compared to other Bermuda lawns, TifTuf Bermuda is more shade tolerant and will keep its lush color with as little as 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight

What is the best height to mow TifTuf Bermuda?

Your TifTuf Bermuda lawn should be mowed to 0.5–2 inches. Remember to mow no more than ⅓ of the leaf blade to prevent scalping and remove any clippings.

How tall does TifTuf Bermuda grow?

Based on mowing best practices, you shouldn’t let your TifTuf lawn grow longer than 3 inches. To stay within optimal mowing heights and prevent shock, mow when the grass is anywhere from 0.75–2.5 inches.

How much water does TifTuf Bermuda need?

As a drought-tolerant turfgrass, TifTuf Bermuda doesn’t need to be continuously irrigated. Whether through rainfall or light irrigation, 1 inch of rainfall per week is enough for TifTuf Bermuda to thrive.

Start Your TifTuf Bermuda Lawn Today

Living in the transitional zone can be tough for your lawn, so selecting hardy turf-types is usually the best option. See the difference with TifTuf, now offered by Barefoot Lawn Care. Contact us today to turn your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood.

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