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Residential Lawn Care Services

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Residential Services

Barefoot Lawn Care has provided expert lawn care services to Raleigh, Cary, and the surrounding areas, in addition to the Wilmington area for over 30 years. From weed control and irrigation to tree & shrub care and even commercial lawn care, we help keep your property healthy and beautiful. Explore our services below and see what we can do for your lawn.

Lawn Care Services

Since 1988, Barefoot Lawn Care has provided homeowners in Raleigh, Wilmington and throughout North Carolina with comprehensive, no contract residential lawn care services, tailored to the needs of our customers.

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Lawn Drainage

If you have a wet or mushy lawn, our team of irrigation experts can evaluate your property’s drainage patterns and design and install lawn drainage solutions tailored to your lawn’s specific needs.

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Landscaping Services

At Barefoot Lawn Care, our landscaping services cover everything from landscape design to installation and maintenance. Our team will work with you to deliver the exact look and layout you desire.

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Commercial Landscaping

Our commercial landscaping services and maintenance plans are designed to help you impress residents, customers, and clients and to maximize the curb appeal and value of your properties.

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Sports Turf Maintenance

Our sports turf maintenance services include turf installation, weed control, core aeration, dethatching, fertilizer and nutrient applications, and more to keep your fields healthy, green and durable.

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Snow & Ice Removal

When snow storms strike, our team is here to ensure your business can continue to operate. We have the experience and equipment to deliver the most reliable snow and ice removal services.

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Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Our trained horticulture specialists can treat your trees and shrubs according to their specific needs. Our tree and shrub maintenance services include nutrient, insect and disease management, weed control and more.

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Grass Types

Because North Carolina is known as a “transition zone” when it comes to which grasses flourish, we’re here to help you choose the right grass types to keep your lawn thriving year-round.

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Ongoing fertilizer treatment for your lawn can have long-lasting benefits. Based on your lawn’s specific grass types, our team can design and deliver a fertilizer treatment plan to keep your lawn healthy and green.

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Weed Control

It’s important to catch weeds early, and at Barefoot Lawn Care, our weed control services utilize top-of-the-line products and methods to target the most common weeds in the Raleigh and Wilmington areas.

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Irrigation Services

A well maintained irrigation system is crucial in helping your lawn thrive throughout the year. We provide ongoing maintenance checks and sprinkler system repair services to ensure your system continues running smoothly.

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Core Aeration

Aeration is an important part of your lawn care plan, especially if you plan on overseeding. It helps to remove thatch and ensure that your grass gets plenty of nutrients to grow in thick.

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