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Cool Season Lawn Care

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Cool Season Grasses (Tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass)

Tall fescue is the most common type of cool season grass, primarily found in the mountains and piedmont regions of North Carolina. These grasses perform best in the spring and fall and will remain green throughout the freezing winter months, unlike warm season grasses.

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue is an easily started grass, thriving in moderate amounts of sun and producing a green lawn year-round in the Piedmont and mountain regions of North Carolina. Tall fescue also has a high tolerance for periods of drought and cold weather, explaining how it can thrive more easily in a predominantly mountainous area.

Tall Fescue/ Bluegrass Mix

In addition to tall fescue grasses in lawns across North Carolina, fescue seed mixed with Kentucky bluegrass is common in many lawns in the mountain and Piedmont regions of North Carolina. It’s commonly known as and referred to as a meadow grass. Similar to tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass thrives in a cooler climate, with shade. Kentucky bluegrass does well in very fertile soil that has proper and adequate drainage. It can turn brown in hotter summer months with limited water, but the color should return to normal once it has more access to water. Mixing these two types of grasses can make your lawn more resistant to disease as well as make your lawn more resistant to drought while thriving in shaded areas.

Contact Barefoot For All Your Cool Season Lawn Needs

Managing your lawn is a full-time job, which some homeowners are not able to do or want to take on. It requires preparation for seeding, actual seeding, proper maintenance, seasonal upkeep, and more. If gone wrong, your lawn could be damaged for the season and could take years to get back to an aesthetic you desire. With Barefoot Lawn Care, the perfect lawn is just a phone call away. Barefoot Lawn Care have been servicing the piedmont region (and coast) of North Carolina for 30 years. Through the decades we have seen an abundance of yards and lawns. Since North Carolina experiences both ends of extreme weather — hot and cold, we know how to care for cool season grasses such as tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.

We know exactly what’s needed for you to have a lush lawn this year. Barefoot Lawn Care will handle the entire process for you, and ensure we follow up with all your lawn care and maintenance needs. Our goal is to provide customers with the top quality materials and lawn care to ensure they have the most attractive landscaping this year and for years to come.

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