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Tall Fescue

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tall fescue lawn

Tall Fescue Lawns

Tall fescue is the most widely grown cool-season species in North Carolina. For a cool-season species, tall fescue is tolerant to heat and drought, disease resistant, and persists with minimum care. It has a tendency to clump due to its bunch-type growth habit and may need to be re-seeded each year in areas that exhibit thin growth patterns due to excessive summer stresses.

Custom Tall Fescue Lawn Maintenance Program


Round 1 – Fescue Fertilizer/Weed App 1 (Late Winter)


Round 2 – Fescue Fertilizer/Weed App 2 (Early Spring)

Round 3 – Fescue Fungicide Application 1 (Spring)


Round 4 – Fescue Fungicide Application 2 (Early Summer)

Round 5 – Fescue Fungicide Application 3 (Mid Summer)

Round 6 – Fescue Fungicide Application 4 (Late Summer)


Round 7 – Fescue Fertilizer/Weed App 3 (Early Fall)

Round 8 – Fescue Fertilizer/Weed App 4 (Late Fall)

Tall Fescue Lawn Maintenance Calendar

NOTE: Don’t be fooled by competitors offering 10 round applications. If you use quality products, you do not need as many applications. This is our basic service program. There are other beneficial services, such as core aeration, lime, grub control, soil testing, etc.

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