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Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

A lawn that’s healthy and well-maintained rarely goes unnoticed. Whether you’re addressing concerns or focusing on aesthetic appeal, taking care of your lawn comes with plenty of benefits. Trying to decide if professional lawn care services are worth it? These benefits may help you decide!

Why Should You Maintain Your Yard?

Maintaining your lawn promotes healthy growth, helps you to avoid HOA violations and keeps your home looking polished. By investing time into your lawn, you’ll be able to establish a maintenance routine that keeps your yard looking its best year-round.

Benefits of a Maintaining Your Lawn

With professional lawn maintenance and care, you’ll see your lawn grow to its fullest potential.

Prevents Erosion

A well-established lawn provides support for the soil—reducing the loss of sediment through erosion. Turfgrass will protect your topsoil from being disturbed, giving your lawn the chance to grow lush and full.

Improved Flood Control

Heavy foot traffic, poorly-draining soil and low spots in your yard can result in increased flooding or stagnant water. Core aeration is a crucial step in a lawn maintenance routine—relieving compacted soil and allowing water to pass through the entirety of your lawn.

Increased Visual Appeal of Your Home or Office

At the very least, a manicured lawn is a beautiful asset to any home or office. By putting time, effort and love into maintaining your law, your neighbors and guests will instantly appreciate its value. If you’re looking to sell your home—a beautiful lawn can be an instant talking (or selling) point for the right buyer.

Decreases Allergy-inducing Weeds

Regular watering, fertilization and disease treatments keep your lawn happy and healthy—decreasing the invasion of pesky weeds. Well-established root systems compete with weed growth, lessening their opportunity to poke through the soil.

Creates a Space for Outdoor Living

Enjoying time outdoors with friends and family is best when spent in a space that you love. A lawn that is free of debris and allergens provides a safe area for young children or pets to play, while also looking its best.

What Happens if I Don’t Take Care of My Lawn?

Poor lawn maintenance can result in issues later down the road that may be harder to address. Your lawn could be more susceptible to flooding, topsoil erosion and thinning growth.

Invest in Professional Lawn Maintenance Care

Trust a professional lawn care program to handle all of your lawn maintenance needs. For more information on Barefoot Lawn Care’s expert lawn services, contact us today!

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