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Crabgrass is Ready for a Comeback

It’s a fact: No lawn is completely immune to crabgrass. Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken this spring- and throughout the growing season ahead-to keep it under control.

An Unfair Advantage

Just one mature crabgrass plant can produce thousands of seeds, which are able to grow in the hottest, driest conditions. Even in compacted soil along sidewalks and driveways, crabgrass seeds have no trouble germinating.

So What Can Be Done

The healthier and thicker your lawn, the less crabgrass its’s going to have. Four keys to a lush lawn include:

Extra Protection

A pre-emergent herbicide will also be very effective against crabgrass as long as it is applied at the right time (before the crabgrass seeds germinate). This preventative treatment will form a barrier in the soil, and newly sprouted crabgrass will be killed off before it can emerge above ground.

With a combination of good lawn care practices and the appropriate herbicides, crabgrass doesn’t stand a chance!

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