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Barefoot Lawn Care has been servicing the Raleigh area for more than 30 years, and we have always been committed to providing the highest quality professional landscaping for residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s landscaping, golf course maintenance, sports turf services, or lawn draining, Barefoot Lawn Care is your one-stop-shop for your lawn care needs.

With any type of landscaping, whether it’s home or commercial, weeds are all but guaranteed to crop up if there isn’t any work done to keep them out. It’s important to get rid of your weeds early before they can fully invade your lawn and affect all the hard work you put in to making it look the way you like it.

Types of Weeds We Treat

No matter the weed varietal, we know how to eradicate them so your well-cared-for lawn can shine year-round. The kind of battle we have to wage against these weeds will depend on the type of weeds that pop up in your lawn, and how long they’ve had to get comfortable and to spread.

For example, if you are seeing a few pieces of chickweed pop up along your fence line, there is a different treatment plan than if you see hairy bittercress continue to creep around tree beds and flower beds during the winter months. There are several different types of weeds, that all grow and impact your lawn differently, and Barefoot Lawn Care are experts with weed control.

Barefoot & Associates Weed Control   Barefoot & Associates Weed Control


Chemicals We Use

As a professional company who has been around for 30+ years, we are always keeping our eyes on what is next in the landscaping and lawn maintenance arena. The fertilizers, chemicals, mulch, and more have changed in many ways over the years and at Barefoot Lawn Care we are always committed to providing the most top-of-the-line, and quality product for our customers.

When it comes to weed control, we are very clear about our process, what we are using, and how to keep all members of the family from being affected by our applications, and to ensure the end goal is met with minimal damage to the local ecosystem and water supply.

Trust Us To Get Your Weeds Gone

Barefoot Lawn Care offer a variety of weed control packages, whether you need services in the spring, summer, or annually, we will be able to recommend the best services to help rid the weeds from your lawn. Just give us a call today at (919) 934-3554 to get an estimate of what it’ll take to get your lawn’s weed problem under control.

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