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Customer Email From Matt, Smithfield, NC

The following is a real email, presented in its entirety, from one of our customers named Matt from Smithfield, North Carolina.

Back in December, I started writing you an email … and then got distracted and it fell by the wayside. In general, I was going to ask you if you had been by the house lately, because … WOW! I have to tell you, man, it is hard to imagine the yard could possibly have looked any better. I mean, the yard looked awesome even in the heart of the summer, even though I know the heat was stressing it out. And I know that the cooler season is better for it, but still – she’s looking good, man.

So, I just wanted to say thanks, really, to you and your entire team. I am 100% satisfied with the service your team provided last year. Even as the hard freezes we have had finally start to take their toll on the yard, it still is the best in the neighborhood. I gotta tell you – I probably get 2 or 3 “inquiries” a year from people wanting to take care of the yard … last guy asked who took care of my yard, I told him, and he asked “you happy with them?” … I instantly replied “Hell, yes … have you SEEN my yard?? Why wouldn’t I be??” Thought you would enjoy that. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. One day I will bite the bullet and get rid of that crappy Bermuda, and then it will all be good!

— Matt, Smithfield, NC
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